රූපලාවණ්‍ය හා ce ෂධීය ක්‍රීම් දියර සඳහා සම්පූර්ණ වායුමය දියර සහ පේස්ට් පිරවුම් යන්ත්‍රය 50-1000ML

නිවස »  නිෂ්පාදන »  පිරවුම් යන්ත්රය »  රූපලාවණ්‍ය හා ce ෂධීය ක්‍රීම් දියර සඳහා සම්පූර්ණ වායුමය දියර සහ පේස්ට් පිරවුම් යන්ත්‍රය 50-1000ML

සම්පූර්ණ වායුමය දියර සහ පේස්ට් පිරවුම් යන්ත්‍රය 50-1000ML


Ⅰ.NPACK-LC02 Semi automatic horizontal filling machine with Hopper for cream&liquid filling

Suitable for filling cream/gel/paste/ointment in tubes, jars,

Available in manual as well as motorized model

All contact parts are made up of SS304/SS316

Filling range with change parts: 5 to 5000ml per stroke

SS made hopper having capacity up to 20KG

Easy to operate, no maintenance required;

Full pneumatic liquid&paste filling machine 50-1000ML1

Specifications of pneumatic filling machine semi automatic model NPACK-LC02:

Full pneumatic liquid&paste filling machine 50-1000ML2

වෝල්ටීයතාව: 220 / 110V 50 / 60Hz

Power: 10W

ශ්‍රේණිගත පීඩනය: 0.4-0 .6 Mpa

Filling speed :10-30 bottles / min / head

නිරවද්‍යතාවය පිරවීම: ± ± 1%

Filling range : 30-500ml

Dimension: 1600*440*370mm

Weight : 61kg

Principles and characteristics of model YX-LC02 Pneumatic filling machine semi automatic filler:

The paste filling machine is semi-automatic piston type developed by our company, filling a series of high concentrations of fluids. It is through air cylinder to drive a piston and transfer--valve’s Three Contacts principle to extract and to split out the highly concentrated material, and by magnetism-reed switch to control air cylinder’s travel, then can adjust the filling volume.

2. මෙම උපකරණය ව්‍යුහයේ සරල හා සාධාරණ ය, පහසුය

තේරුම් ගන්න, ඉහළ නිරවද්‍යතාවයකින්.

3. වායුමය කොටස ජර්මනියේ ෆෙස්ටෝ සහ තායිවානයේ එයාර්ටැක් වායුමය සංරචක භාවිතා කරයි.

4. පරිමාව පිරවීම සහ පිරවීමේ වේගය අත්තනෝමතික ලෙස සකස් කළ හැකිය

ඉහළ පිරවුම් නිරවද්‍යතාවයකින්.

5. හිස පිරවීම ප්‍රති-බිංදු, ප්‍රති-ඇඳීම් සහ එසවුම් උපකරණ භාවිතා කරයි.

Control Panel:

Full pneumatic liquid&paste filling machine 50-1000ML3

අර්ධ ස්වයංක්‍රීය / ස්වයංක්‍රීය පිරවුම් ස්විචය

වායු පීඩන මිනුම

වායු පරිභෝජන පීඩනය සකස් කරන්න

පරිමාව පුරවන්න

<1>The machine is suitable for filling food trades(such as: pearl milk tea nata de coco hick broad-bean sauce chili sauce peanut sauce etc);cosmetics(shampoo frost shower gel);daily health product(toothpaste)

<2>The machine adopts pneumatic working principle, simple operation, high filling precision,is a certain concentration or certain size granular materials ideal filling equipment.

FAQ for liquid&lotion filling machine fully pneumatic

Full pneumatic liquid&paste filling machine 50-1000ML4

Q: Why buy it from you?

A: We are manufacturer .we design it and produce it by ourselves, we could offer customers more supports and more professional service .You could rest 100% assure by buying it from us ,because we could supply you with technical support. And we could help you to fix problems.

Q: What can you do if my machine did not work?

A: Firstly, tell me the detail about not working. Secondly, our engineer would find out the reason why it could not work .Thirdly, we would send you the parts for replacement if necessary, or we would tell you how to repair it. We would help you fixed the problems.

Q: Would it be more expensive if I buy it from you instead of buying it from our local supplier?

A: We are 100% sure that it would be cheaper by buying it from us. Because most of your local suppliers are importing such machine from our china and they have to add their own profit on the price. We are manufacturer , our price is the lowest price.

Q:How will you send it?

A: We would send it by DHL,UPS,FEDEX EMS which needs only 3-5days.

Q: Do you have warranty?

A: Yes, we do. we would offer 1year warranty, we would supply you the parts of free of charging in 1year.And we would supply you with technical support.


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